Rules and Obligations

Article 1

  1. Punctually and regularly of attendance are required in all classes.
  2. Assembly time is as follows:
    – Monday : 7.30 a.m for the flag ceremony (Upacara).
    – Tuesday – Friday : 7.45 for the morning assembly.
    – First Period Class ; Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m.
    – Dismissal : Based on class schedule.
  3. Habitual tardiness especially for the first period classes shall not be allowed.
  4. Students are not allowed to invite friends from another school without permission from Principal.

Article 2

  1. Students are expected to complete at least 80% of the total number of days for the academic year.
  2. Tardiness, early dismissed and going on holidays during school days are strictly discourgaed.
  3. Whenever a child is tardy, parent should contact Administration staff before 9.00 a.m. Students absent without notifying will be considered truant and the proper authorities will be notified.
  4. A child who needs to be dismissed early due to emergencies (sickness, family problem, etc) must seek permission from the Homeroom Teacher who in turn will inform the Administration of the situation.

Article 3

  1. Students should wear proper School Uniform on the schedule.
  2. Shoes must be black or navy color with white socks. Especially for P.E Class, they might use free color of shoes.
  3. No sandals, clogs or loafers.  Heels on shoes are not to be more than one inc in height.
  4. Boys Hair length may not exceed collar length.  All hair must be kept clean and neat.   Fad or engraved hairstyles are not permitted. Haircut inspection will be done on  Monday of the month.
  5. Jewelry is not permitted, except that girls may wear a pair of post earings, no hoops or dangles.

Article 4


One of the most important aspects of education is discipline which should eventually be internalized. Discipline is the training that develops self-control, orderliness, efficiency and character. Basic to all discipline is the principle of respect – respect for one’s self, for others and for all children. In order to form proper habits and attitudes, the following rules for good conduct are expected to be obeyed by every student:

  1. Respect for all faculty members, other students and self.
  2. Respect for all school property and school uniform.
  3. Courtesy and consideration for all members of the school community.
  4. Maintaining silence along corriders and other designated areas.
  5. No chewing of gum in the building or on school grounds.
  6. No student is allowed anywhere in the school building without supervision.
  7. Honesty, respect and trust are student virtues highly valued and encouraged by the Roane County Schools community. Treat others with kindness, respect and courtesy. Make other students feel welcome with your friends.
  8. Settle disagreements with others through discussion, asking for help if you need it. Touch others and speak to others in kindness only. Refrain from agressive or threatening behavior toward fellow students, teachers or other school staff. Fighting or rough play are strictly prohibited in school. If a child experiences a problem with another child, s/he should notify the nearest teacher or aide immediately. Children should be instructed in ways to avoid getting involved in conflicts.
  9. Students who will break any of the aforementioned rules will be subjected to disciplinary actions.

Article 5

  1. Be respectful of others’ belongings, using them only with permission. A student who steals or damages any property not belonging to him/her may be required to make appropriate restitution. Though the school manages a “lost-and-found” area, students are strongly encouraged to take good care of their personal belongings. Parents should mark a child’s special belongings with name and phone number.
  2. Use equipment and materials in school for their intended purposes only. Students will be held accountable for proper care of school books, educational materials, and their classrooms.

Article 6

  1. Refrain from the possession or use of any illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products. Failure to respect this regulation may have legal consequences resulting in suspension or expulsion.
  2. Gambling, immorality, disrespectful or profane language will not be tolerated in the school or on school grounds.

Article 7

  1. Repeated violation of school policies, rules and regulation.
  2. Open refusal to accept corrective measures.
  3. Unwholesome conduct inside/outside the classroom as reported by teachers and other personnel.
  4. Cheating in any form of tests and/or subject requirements.
  5. Stealing in any form.
  6. Deliberate acts of vandalism and destruction of school property.
  7. Infliction of physical injuries to peers, teachers and school personnel.
  8. Possession and use of prohibited drugs.
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