Slide Slide WELCOME TO METRO SCHOOL MAKASSAR Do Not Wait Creating a brighter future, together LOVE Sow The Seeds of Preparing Students For Success in A Changing World STRIVE For Progress, Not Perfection Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do – John Wooden


To be an International Standard School that provides the highest quality of education to develop globally competitive learners.


To build a strong, conducive and favourable learning environment where learners can develop skills and competencies to succeed independently by building a mind-set that every learner is unique and that all learners have equal opportunities for success and by sowing the seeds of love and fostering care to all learners under our care.

Founder & Principal Message
Our school is preparing the students to achieve their best goal in education. They need to develop in the middle of Global citizen and global issues.
Ibu Anny

Metro School's Drive Thru Graduation - Primary Year, Batch 2021


Trusted by many parents

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Emma Hart
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Eddie Johnson
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Jonathan Doe
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Mike Edward
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