About Us

Metro School was established in Makassar in March 19, 2003 by Yayasan Citra Wahana Pelangi with the common goal of establishing a school operating within National and International School system and providing a high standard of education with English as the language of instruction. It was to be a school promoting strong moral principles and offering internationally recognized curricula to bring out the best in students through a skills-based approach to learning.
The school grew gradually, overcoming various obstacles over the year and strengthen its academic programs.
The school is pluralist and provides specialist religion classes, currently catering for Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim students.
We are offering a world standard education to children from 3 – 19. Set in a safe environment located in the middle of Makassar City.
We believe in bringing our students to their full potential and by preparing them for their next stage in education by offering a well-rounded and challenging curriculum. Our children also learn the importance of having good character and values via our devotions and our pupil development and religion lessons.
Our Kindergarten students focus on personal, social and emotional development, giving them more self-confidence and independence preparing them for Primary School. They also get the basics of language (English and Indonesia) and Mathematics.
Our Primary School students continue on this development and they are also guided along towards the Cambridge Checkpoint at the end of Grade 6. By doing so, this gives them as sound foundation for Secondary School.
Our Secondary and Junior College students begin as generalists, getting a good grounding in a wide range of subjects before specializing slightly as they embark on the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme in Grade 9 and 10.
Today, even more committed to providing a values-based education augmented by internationally benchmarked curricula, Metro School is a selective school for academically promising students, preparing them for continued academic success and for their future.

Our school is preparing the students to achieve their best goal in education. They need to develop in the middle of Global citizen and global issues.

Ibu Anny

Our Vision

To build a strong, conducive and favourable learning environment where learners can develop skills and competencies to succeed independently by building a mind set that every learner is unique and that all learners have equal opportunities to success and by sowing the seeds of love and fostering care to all learners under our care.

Our Mission

To be an International Standard School that provides the highest quality of education to develop globally competitive learners.
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